NOV 28

Urbana / Mission Maker Magazine Partnership

Urbana 06 and Mission Maker Magazine announce the formation of a "Great Commission Follow-Up Partnership." This partnership will provide Urbana 06 participants continued motivation to serve in global and cross-cultural missions by providing additional “next-steps-in-missions” follow-up material to the Urbana 06 program. During the closing night of Urbana 06, participants will be challenged to personally commit to giving, praying, or serving in missions. Following the Urbana 06 mission convention, all 30,000 (+/-) participants will receive solid, next-step options through Mission Maker Magazine 2007 and material from Urbana. This "Great Commission Follow-Up Partnership" provides practical "next-step" options to help participants honor those commitments.

For sixty years, God has used Urbana conventions to transform students’ lives and to advance His Kingdom in our world. For more information on participating in the Urbana 06 student mission convention December 27–31, 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri, visit

Mission Maker Magazine is the largest-distributed Christian mission magazine in the United States, with a circulation of more than 150,00 and an estimated readership of more than 300,000. To participate in Mission Maker Magazine 2007, visit Top Site Award!