JAN 13

Help Haiti Now!

Haiti was walloped with 3 devastating earthquakes in the past 24 hours, with as-yet unknown levels of death and destruction. Haiti needs your help IMMEDIATELY!

Although current commercial flights have been temporarily suspended to Haiti, STEM will post openings later today for at least three teams to Haiti, with the first team going February 27th. Click the "Find A Team" link on the homepage, or drop this address into your browser http://stemintl.org/trips/opportunities/teams to locate an "open" Haiti team you can join. Or better yet -- book your own entire team from your church or organization. In the meantime, please:

1. PRAY for swift search-and-rescue efforts for the many victims stilled trapped under ruble and debris, and for comfort and wisdom that only God can provide.

2. RECRUIT a team from your church or school or organization, or join one of our "open" teams to Haiti DO IT NOW (PLEASE!). Though we're not sure right now exactly what our teams will be doing, it will be some aspect of bringing tangible hands and feet of Jesus into this horrendous situation.

3. GIVE financial help. There are two ways to give. You can go through our STEM Missions parent organization, Bethany International by going to https://secure.bethanyinternational.org/donate/index.php. Or you can click on the "Donations/Payment/Support" button at the very top of this page, or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://stemintl.org/donations/payment -- then in the designation box, specify HAITI EARTHQUAKE HELP. At this juncture, we don't know exactly where your donation will be used, except that your donation WILL GO TO SOME ASPECT OF EARTHQUAKE HELP in Haiti as we identify specific, legitimate opportunities. Both ways the money will go to the same relief efforts.

For more information on STEM Relief teams going to Haiti in the next couple months copy and past the following address into your URL above:

STEM had no staff nor any teams in Haiti during the earthquake, so although we suffered no direct loss, many other missionaries and many Haitian people are suffering greatly. PLEASE KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS!
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